Our Philosophy

Hands On Learning

Our staff is dedicated to working hands-on with our students. By teaching an advanced curriculum, and customizing each child's education, we are better able to prepare our future leaders of the world. 

An advanced curriculum leads to advanced students.

Core Curriculum

Mr. Shepherd helping student

Students receive language arts and math instruction at their specific achievement level; that is, students who demonstrate mastery in one subject can be advanced to the next level. Students who need additional help will be assisted individually.


We teach using the Direct Teaching Instruction, which is a method where the teacher leads the students in a carefully constructed step-by-step lesson.  Teachers set clear lesson goals and make sure students have frequent opportunities to practice the new skill.

Mrs. Timberlake instructing LA


  • Spalding: Writing Road to Reading with Open Court Reading
  • Saxon Math
  • Scott Foresman Science
  • Core Knowledge Social Studies

Mrs. Perkins


Homework is assigned at each level with a goal to:

  • Reinforce classroom instruction
  • Develop study habits and time management strategies and responsibilities
  • Keep parents informed and involved in their child's progress



Students receive one hour each of the following subjects each week:

  • PE
  • Technology
  • Art 
  • Music

Instruction in Human Growth and Development, taught in fifth and sixth grades, is abstinence-based and gender-separate